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Sunday January 28th
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Wednesday January 24th
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Free Somatic Therapy Webinar

Do you struggle with stress? Stress is endemic and practically unavoidable in our world, and when not managed properly, can lead to a host of mental and physical illnesses. The good news? There’s a form of therapy that’s uniquely excellent at managing stress and healing trauma. 

While exercise and yoga can be great for the body, meditation for the mind, and talk therapy for self-awareness, each alone is limited in its capacity to create ideal mental balance. Somatic Therapy, however, combines the benefits of traditional counseling, mindfulness, breathwork, movement therapy and even Ayurveda, and has given millions of people worldwide incredible mental and physical health benefits, where other modalities fall short. 

Want to learn more about Somatic Therapy? Join our TOTALLY FREE webinar and gain firsthand experience and understanding of the methodology and practices that make our group, Lifeline Somatics, a global pioneer and leader in the field! 

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Yehoshua Shy Sayar

Yehoshua specializes in helping adults & adolescentes address all forms of mental suffering, chronic pain and self-destructive patterns, as well as working with couples on developing the skills to nourish healthy relationships. His sessions integrate mindfulness and breathing techniques, movement practices and Ayurvedic methods into the therapeutic dialogue, as well as the greater perspective of lifestyle guidance – from nutrition and sleep habits to self-care and relationship skills. He prides himself most on being a loving partner and father, and an active, compassionate listener.

Joshua Mathew Duncan

For the past two decades Joshua has been facilitating and supporting deep transformational work both with individuals and in groups.

Through deep listening, inquiry, and reflection he helps gently guide a person towards their own clarity, insight and authentic direction. Helping a person disentangle from conflicting emotions, thoughts, beliefs and life choices – and re-align on all levels with their deepest truth / clarity.